I switched coaches to Progressive Fitness 7 months ago and it was by far the best decision I have made in my fitness pursuits to date!
— Laura


Submit an application

We'll talk about your current situation and walk through the process of fixing what hasn't been working for you.


Receive your custom plan 

After our call, I'll create a clear personalized nutrition and training program that will turn your confusion about diet and training into confidence. 


Start Getting Results

After executing your plan together, you'll be getting results and developing the knowledge to keep improving long after we're finished.

What Makes Progressive Fitness Different?


If there's one thing most diets have in common, it's that they don't work long term. Don't worry, you're not alone; on average, only 20% of people successfully diet and keep their results for more than a year. The reason? Not lack of willpower, or self control, but a severe lack of diet structure that is sustainable long term. 

I know how hard it is to find a diet that's going to give you long term results, and have helped hundreds of people like you do just that over the past 6 years. Once you understand the right principles and tools to make a fitness protocol sustainable, your system starts working for you, instead of against you. 

During your time with me, you will

1) Learn a proven formula that I've used with hundreds of clients to get great results and KEEP them. 

2) See how this formula works as you follow the protocol I design specifically for you. 

3) Develop a new sense of control over your dieting habits, and fitness life in general.

Long term results depend on your ability to sustain whatever approach you take. Once you become clear on what is ACTUALLY important for getting results, you can stick to your simple system and continue making great results. People who have a simple system that focuses on the 20% of things that drive 80% of their results win in the long run. Submit your application today, and let's start reversing the things that haven't been working for you.


+ How Much Does it Cost?

I discuss pricing throughout the application process. To give you a rough idea, my coaching costs about the same as your average monthly car payment.

+ Will This Work For Me?

If you follow the plan I lay out for you, and are willing to learn, you WILL see great results.

+ How long will I need to commit?

Minimum commitment is 3 months. Any less time than this, and I don't feel you will be able to generate lasting change. 3 months is a good balance of time to both make significant progress, and effectively learn and implement the tools/principles I teach. Ultimately, I want you to have the confidence and competence to coach yourself by the end of our time together. You're not going to get that in a month.

+ What am I Losing by Not Signing up?

How many times have you dieted in the past and not been successful? How many months have you spent restricting what you eat and going to the gym multiple times per week only to rebound? If you compete, how many shows have you done where you say "Damn, I looked better 4 weeks out than onstage"? Not having a system designed specifically for you could cost you years of frustration and wasted time.

+ What if I Don't Want to Compete?

Not a problem at all! In fact, most of my clients aren't competitors.