Getting in the best shape of your life can seem like an insurmountable goal, and it’s easier to make things harder than they need to be.

Trying to implement 10 different dieting tricks you read online, second guessing yourself about whether or not what you’re doing is actually working, and pulling your hair out from hearing conflicting advice from everyone will all overcomplicate the process.

Working under Progressive Fitness means no more pulling your hair out. With 5 years of experience as a coach, having worked with hundreds of clients worldwide, and countless hours spent researching what it takes to get your physique and mind to the next level-I know what it takes for you to achieve your goals.


Diet and Training

After assessing your goals, current situation, and many other variables- I create a personalized protocol for you based on what the relevant science demonstrates to be optimal, what I’ve found to be optimal throughout my years as a coach, and what I feel is optimal for your specific situation. All aspects of this protocol are subject to change as you progress.

Unlimited Access

As a member of Progressive Fitness, you will have 24/7 access to my personal phone and/or email (Email only if outside US), for questions, concerns, etc. Guaranteed responses within 12 hours.




Client Resources

Want to learn the WHY behind what I’m having you do? Along with tips, tricks, and hacks to help the process go smoother? I have you covered with a comprehensive, 24 page client handbook. Also included is the Progressive Fitness Exercise Note Handbook, which lays out in detail how to perform a myriad of movements.

“Working with Progressive Fitness has been a pleasure. Not only am I satisfied with the results I've been getting, but the quality of service. Jared is quick to respond, answers questions in detail, and cares about the success of his clients. I definitely recommend him for assistance in reaching any of your fitness goals. ”
— Austin
"[...] Day or night, Jared has been present and upfront with me in every way possible, and has supported me along my journey. If you are looking for a non-cookie cutter approach to fitness coaching, competition prep, weight loss, or muscle building I would hands down recommend hiring Progressive Fitness”
— Ricci
"[...] Through working with Jared, I’ve learned that when it comes to true change, there is no substitute for accountability, consistency, and time. As a coach he gave me the tools I needed to start achieving the body I've always wanted but never knew how to get; more importantly, he set a path that was balanced, sane, and unique to me and my goals.”
— Randi

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