Fitness is not a 30, 60, or 90 day journey- it’s a lifestyle. One of my main goals as a coach is to ensure everyone who works with me has the proper tools to navigate their fitness journey for the rest of their life.

I’m here to tell you that getting in great shape doesn’t have to be the torturous process some may have lead you to believe. You don’t need to deprive yourself by eating the same three “clean” foods all the time, you don’t need to be in the gym 3 hours per day 6 days a week, you don’t need to stock your cabinets with tons of supplements, etc.

As an advocate of flexible dieting, I believe in protocols which don’t restrict you to a tiny group of foods while dieting. You can consume the foods you enjoy while dieting. Of course, balance matters, portion size matters, and food quality matters. But you can make just as good (if not better) progress, while still eating the foods you love.

What is Included?


Personalized Nutrition Plan

  • Macronutrient breakdown based on your body and your goals.
  • Learn flexible dieting and eat the foods you enjoy while dieting
  • Adjustments when necessary to ensure you are progressing towards your goal(s)

Training and Cardio Protocol

  • In-depth workout program tailored to your goals and schedule.
  • Weak point training to balance out your physique.
  • Specific instructions for how many sets/reps to do. As well as outlined rep tempos, rest times, and more!
  • Different types of cardio specific to your circumstances and goals.

Progress Assessments & Accountability

  • Weekly progress assessments via check in form on my website.
  • Adjustments made as needed to keep you progressing. Nothing is set-in-stone.
  • Send lifting videos for form analysis.

Client Only Resources

  • 24 Page Client Handbook (Covers nutrition, cardio, supplements, my personal tips, etc.)
  • 14 Page Exercise Note Handbook with detailed step-by-step instructions on how to perform 51 different lifts.
  • Access to new handbooks and updates as they become available.

24/7 Support

  • Access to my personal phone (email if outside of US) for questions anytime.
  • Guaranteed responses within 24 hours (Typically MUCH less).
  • Need to check in throughout the week? No problem.
  • Going on vacation and need some tips to stay on track? I've got you covered.

 Competitor Perks

  • Everything listed above.
  • Full science-based peak week protocol tailored to your body, class, and more. No harsh water/sodium cutting and diuretics.
  • If you're competing locally (Spokane, WA)- I will attend your show and be with you throughout the day for assistance.
  • Posing assistance (Class-dependent and location-dependent)

"I Can't do This Because..."


"It Costs Too much"

What is being the most confident you've ever been worth? This is not an object that will sit on your shelf and collect dust. It is an investment in yourself, which will benefit you for the rest of your life.

 Far too many people focus purely on the cost of something, rather than the value. Their decisions (or lack thereof), are driven by fear. Fear that they will spend money on something and never use it. Or spend money on something that wont provide them with the results they're looking for.  

The best part is, if you aren't satisfied after the first 60 days of us working together, I will give you 100% of your money back.

"It Won't Work For Me"

We all have that voice in our head relaying our limited self talk, beliefs, etc.

"This won't work for me. I'm different than the people who have gotten great results."
"I've always been overweight. There's nothing I can do about it."

The list goes on.

Having worked with hundreds of people worldwide, I've seen pretty much every situation you can think of. If you are willing to learn, and put in the work, you WILL progress.

"It's Too Complicated"

Your friends, family, the media, and the fitness industry itself have likely lead you to believe that getting in great shape and arming yourself with the tools to do so is ridiculously complex.

Well, it's not.

I'm here to break it down for you, step-by-step. Unlimited access to me for questions, and the resources I've created for you will guide you to a better body, and mind.

See What Others Have to Say

  • Working with Jared was a life changing experience. As an individual with a history of disordered eating, I truly believed that I would never have a healthy relationship with food, but Jared changed that. With his guidance, I was able to learn more about what makes up the food I’m consuming, and how to best nourish my body.
    — Halle
  • Jared explains things extremely well and always answers any questions you may have In a very timely manner. He always takes time to take care of his clients and makes sure you understand completely. He doesn’t expect you to just do something because he says so, he can back up everything he says based on current studies and science. That is something that is rare now a days with trainers and coaches. He knows his stuff!
    — Christiana
  • No extremes here.. It is just as it should be- healthy, balanced, and maintainable! From both an educational standpoint and through my personal experiences, I highly recommend this company! In addition to all the positive applications being applied through Progressive, Jared himself is a gem! He is truly a phenomenal coach, very humble, diligent, and you can tell he has a true passion to see you succeed and have a positive impact on the fitness community.
    — Laura
  • Prior to signing with Jared, I had some experiences with prior coaches that made me extremely apprehensive about continuing my journey in the bodybuilding community. I felt the applications being used were extremely unhealthy both mentally and physically and were actually doing their clients a disservice, often leading to disordered eating patterns and unhealthy fluctuations in weight, but Jared’s approach to nutrition is truly phenomenal!
    — Rian

Do NOT Hire Me If...

  • You are not serious about taking action.
  • You are not in this for the long haul- because having that mindset is what it takes to achieve extraordinary results.
  • You think this is a magic pill that will solve all of your problems immediately.
  • You are not willing to put in the time to learn.

The last thing I want to do is waste your time, and my time.

I am not for everyone (most notably, the people who fall in the categories above). But for the people who I want to work with, and who want to work with me- I deliver phenomenal results.

I Stand By My Coaching

If, after 60 days of working together you don't feel happy with your experience. I will refund you 100% of your money. 


$2,499 USD

$1,999 USD

$1,399 USD

$749 USD


$275 USD Per Month*

Two months due up front. Payments due every 30 days



"Why can't I sign for less than eight weeks?"

A: Changing your body takes time. In addition to that, there is an inevitable learning curve to get past initially. I am not a fan of rushing the process, and more time = better and more sustainable results. 8 weeks is the absolute bottom end of time I would want to help someone learn all of the tools I provide, develop new habits, and implement those habits to drive great results.

"How often will I hear from you?"

A: At minimum, you will hear from me once per week in response to your weekly check in. However, if you desire, you can reach out to me any day of the week with questions, concerns, etc. I am in contact with some of my clients almost every day.

"Is this diet a meal plan?"

A: No. This is not a cookie-cutter diet protocol with arbitrarily chosen foods that I instruct you to eat 3 hours apart. This is a more open ended, less restrictive approach. You have a range of macronutrient numbers to work with, instructions on how to best distribute your nutrients (what matters vs. what doesn't matter so much), and guidance on how to eat a wide range of foods while you're dieting.

"Am I going to be doing a ton of cardio if I want to lose fat?"

A: "A ton of cardio" is relative. My general position on cardio is: only do as much as you need to elicit the desired outcome. For some people, that's no cardio while losing fat. For other people, that could mean 1-3 hours total per week. Regardless, I do my best to stray away from unsustainable protocols.

"I don't want to compete- can I still work with you?"

A: Yes! In fact, most of the people I've coached over the past five years have no desire to compete.

"Do you work with older people?"

A: It seems like this wouldn't be a FAQ- but it is. And the answer is yes! I've had clients ranging from 18 years old to 50+ years old. Everything is designed to fit your circumstances and goals.

"How are you able to give all of your clients access to your phone, and respond in a timely manner?"

I do not (nor do I want to) work with 100+ people at one time- there's no way to keep up a workload like that and maintain the level of service that I strive for. I work with a relatively small clientele, to ensure everyone is getting adequate attention.

"What if I have a show or an event on a specific date, and don't want to pay for a considerably longer package?"

A: Get in touch with me, and we can discuss the details.

"If I want to compete- how far out should I contact you?"

This is largely dependent on your current shape. However, a good rule of thumb is 20 or more weeks. Prepping for a show in 8-10 weeks is, in almost always unfeasible. There is a laundry list of benefits to longer preps, including a drastically lower chance you will binge eat yourself back to worse shape than you were in before prep right after the show.

"If I just competed, can you help me with reverse dieting?"

A: Absolutely. If you find yourself in a position where you just competed, and are freaking out about what to do after your show- I will help you transition back to a normal diet without adding tons of fat and losing your mind.