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If you're interested in working together, go ahead and fill out the application below!

In order to deliver maximum value to my clients, I work with a limited amount of people at any given point in time. At present, I have six coaching spots available. Once I reach capacity, you will be put on a waiting list for coaching until more spots open up.


Note: This form is part one of the application process. Once you submit this, we will schedule a time to get on the phone, talk about your situation, and determine if we're a good fit for each other! 

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How much does your coaching cost?

I discuss pricing throughout the application process. To give you a rough idea, my coaching costs about the same as your average car payment.  

How long will I need to commit?

Minimum commitment is 3 months. Any less time than this, and I don't feel you will be able to generate lasting change. I feel this is a good balance of time to both make significant progress, and effectively learn and implement the tools/principles I teach. Ultimately, I want you to have the confidence and competence to coach yourself by the end of our time together. 

How often will I check in with you?

You will have weekly check ins, wherein I evaluate how your week went, and determine what the best plan would be for the coming week. If you desire, you can also reach out to me any day of the week with questions, concerns, etc. 

Is this diet a cookie-cutter meal plan?

No. This is NOT a cookie-cutter diet protocol with arbitrarily chosen foods that I instruct you to eat 3 hours apart. This is a more open ended, less restrictive approach. You have macronutrient numbers to work with that are specific to you and your goals, instructions on how to best space out your nutrients (what matters vs. what doesn't matter so much), and guidance on how to eat a wide range of foods while you're dieting and still make amazing progress.

I don't want to compete- can I still work with you?

Absolutely! In fact, most of the people I've coached over the past five years have no desire to compete.

Do you work with older people?

Yes! I've had clients ranging from 18 years old to 50+ years old. Everything is designed to fit your circumstances and goals.

If I just competed, can you help me with reverse dieting?

Absolutely. If you find yourself in a position where you just competed, and are freaking out about what to do after your show- I will help you transition back to a normal diet without adding tons of fat and losing your mind.