I Stand By My Coaching

If, within 60 days of working together you don't feel happy with your experience. I will refund you 100% of your money. 


 If you haven't already, please visit the coaching info page before submitting an application. After selecting your package, you will be directed to a client application form.


$2,499 USD

$1,999 USD

$1,399 USD

$749 USD


$275 USD Per Month*

Two months due up front. Subsequent monthly payments due every 30 days.




"Why can't I sign for less than eight weeks?"

A: Changing your body takes time. In addition to that, there is an inevitable learning curve to get past initially. I am not a fan of rushing the process, and more time = better and more sustainable results. 8 weeks is the absolute bottom end of time I would want to help someone learn all of the tools I provide, develop new habits, and implement those habits to drive great results.

"How often will I hear from you?"

A: At minimum, you will hear from me once per week in response to your weekly check in. However, if you desire, you can reach out to me any day of the week with questions, concerns, etc. I am in contact with some of my clients almost every day.

"Is this diet a meal plan?"

A: No. This is not a cookie-cutter diet protocol with arbitrarily chosen foods that I instruct you to eat 3 hours apart. This is a more open ended, less restrictive approach. You have a range of macronutrient numbers to work with, instructions on how to best distribute your nutrients (what matters vs. what doesn't matter so much), and guidance on how to eat a wide range of foods while you're dieting.

"Am I going to be doing a ton of cardio if I want to lose fat?"

A: "A ton of cardio" is relative. My general position on cardio is: only do as much as you need to elicit the desired outcome. For some people, that's no cardio while losing fat. For other people, that could mean 1-3 hours total per week. Regardless, I do my best to stray away from unsustainable protocols.

"I don't want to compete- can I still work with you?"

A: Yes! In fact, most of the people I've coached over the past five years have no desire to compete.

"Do you work with older people?"

A: It seems like this wouldn't be a FAQ- but it is. And the answer is yes! I've had clients ranging from 18 years old to 50+ years old. Everything is designed to fit your circumstances and goals.

"How are you able to give all of your clients access to your phone, and respond in a timely manner?"

I do not (nor do I want to) work with 100+ people at one time- there's no way to keep up a workload like that and maintain the level of service that I strive for. I work with a relatively small clientele, to ensure everyone is getting adequate attention.

"What if I have a show or an event on a specific date, and don't want to pay for a considerably longer package?"

A: Get in touch with me, and we can discuss the details.

"If I want to compete- how far out should I contact you?"

This is largely dependent on your current shape. However, a good rule of thumb is 20 or more weeks. Prepping for a show in 8-10 weeks is, in almost always unfeasible. There is a laundry list of benefits to longer preps, including a drastically lower chance you will binge eat yourself back to worse shape than you were in before prep right after the show.

"If I just competed, can you help me with reverse dieting?"

A: Absolutely. If you find yourself in a position where you just competed, and are freaking out about what to do after your show- I will help you transition back to a normal diet without adding tons of fat and losing your mind.