For years I had been into lifting and fitness. I read everything I could from the biggest and best names in the industry, bought all the books and had the knowledge. I knew how to “flexible diet” and had read all the training manuals you can think of. But something wasn’t clicking for me. I approached Progressive Fitness to kick-start and reinvigorate what really matters: results. From the beginning I could tell that the journey would be eye opening. From day 1 Jared was totally committed to helping me discover the tools to apply to my training and nutrition to see consistent long-term results. Jared had a way of making me personally accountable to me. And the results speak for themselves! His insights into my nutrition and training really helped build and hone my own knowledge base. The ability to empower athletes and give them the tools for long-term success is my greatest takeaway from working with Progressive Fitness.
— Christopher Lee
I’ve been working with Jared for over 2 years now, and I can confidently say that I will never work with anyone else to help me with my diet for competition or for general health. He’s helped me win numerous figure competitions, and has also helped me find balance in my normal life, both while utilizing flexible dieting. I am so grateful for everything Jared’s done for me!
— Jenny Dieringer
I consider myself an athlete of sorts because I am strong and enjoy challenging myself physically in and outside of the gym. However, before I started working with Progressive Fitness, I was clueless about dieting and nutrition. Like a lot of people do, I tried things that others around me said worked for them - the latest trends or buzz words - or I didn’t take action at all because I was frustrated that I couldn’t figure out how to get my body to look the way I wanted it to, to reflect the things of which it was capable. Through working with Jared, I’ve learned that when it comes to true change, there is no substitute for accountability, consistency, and time. As a coach he gave me the tools I needed to start achieving the body I’ve always wanted but never knew how to get; more importantly, he set a path that was balanced, sane, and unique to me and my goals. I’m not saying it was easy, but along the way I’ve grown to truly love the process. I hired Progressive Fitness because I wanted to lose fat for my wedding, but I plan to continue working with Jared well after, and I can’t wait to see what we accomplish together. If you’re stuck in a plateau or just getting started and aren’t sure what to do - do not hesitate to hire him!
— Randi Cantrell
Working with Progressive Fitness has been a pleasure. Not only am I satisfied with the results I’ve been getting, but the quality of service. Jared is quick to respond, answers questions in detail, and cares about the success of his clients. I definitely recommend him for assistance in reaching any of your fitness goals.
— Austin
I switched coaches to Progressive Fitness 7 months ago and it was by far the best decision I have made in my fitness pursuits to date! I am currently studying Public Health and plan to pursue my M.P.H. specifically in nutrition. I have always been an athlete and I have been competitively bodybuilding for just over a year now. I can say that Jared is promoting one of the most effective and healthy nutritional plans I have yet to see! Prior to signing with him I had some experiences with prior coaches that made me extremely apprehensive about continuing my journey in the bodybuilding community. I felt the applications being used were extremely unhealthy both mentally and physically and were actually doing their clients a disservice, often leading to disordered eating patterns and unhealthy fluctuations in weight, but Jared’s approach to nutrition is truly phenomenal! It is just as it says.. progressive! No extremes here.. It is just as it should be healthy, balanced, and maintainable! From both an educational standpoint and through my personal experiences I highly recommend this company! In addition to all the positive applications being applied through Progressive, Jared himself is a gem! He is truly a phenomenal coach, very humble, diligent, and you can tell he has a true passion to see you succeed and have a positive impact on the fitness community.
— Laura
I cannot speak highly enough about the coaching I have received from Progress Fitness. To call this a great experience would be quite the understatement; Jared has provided me with much more than an experience. Starting off from just general advice and education, to full contest prep; I have not only received adequate macronutrient numbers tailored to my goals and needs, but also support, workouts, and education about every aspect of my specific program. Day or night, Jared has been present and upfront with me in every way possible, and has supported me along my journey. If you are looking for a non-cookie cutter approach to fitness coaching, competition prep, weight loss, or muscle building I would hands down recommend hiring Progressive Fitness.
— Ricci
I was lucky enough to be the first Progressive Fitness client for my second bodybuiding show back in 2012. Jared used me as his ‘test dummy’, taking everything he had learned in the prior years and putting it into practice. With only 12 weeks to prep, he was able to get me to the leanest I had ever been at the time, and I came away with a first place win in my class. The following year I worked with Jared again, and he not only blew away my best conditioning, but brought me in as the most conditioned athlete on stage. Whenever someone comes to me for contest prep advice or even general health/weightloss; I send them directly to Progressive Fitness. I believe this Jared is setting the standard for how fitness coaching should be.
— Zach
Progressive fitness is the real deal. I came from absolutely killing myself in the gym and eating the way everyone said was right. I constantly obsessed over if food was “clean”, organic, and if I could pronounce every single ingredient listed on a box. I felt guilty if I enjoyed a meal at a restaurant or one that I didn’t prepare myself. I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t seeing the results I was promised by eating clean, cutting out food groups, having one cheat meal and cutting out carbs. Working with Jared, I was able to finally see the results I always wanted by eating foods that I liked and wanted to eat. I also was able to finally love the way I looked no matter what and feel great about my effort in the gym. The amount of strength and muscle I was able to gain while working with them is pretty awesome too!

Jared explains things extremely well and always answers any questions you may have In a very timely manner. He always takes time to take care of his clients and makes sure you understand completely. He doesn’t expect you to just do something because he says so, he can back up everything he says based on current studies and science. That is something that is rare now a days with trainers and coaches. He knows his stuff!
Jared not only changed my appearance but he helped me change how I thought about food. I no longer obsess about anything food or fitness related. Thanks to him, I now live a life that’s balanced and always enjoyable, well until I run out of ice cream or donuts :)

You will absolutely not be disappointed working with Jared. He puts in just as much effort as you do!
— Christiana Brown
For my first bikini competition, I was coached by someone that had me eating tilapia or chicken with asparagus 4-5 times a day. My carbs were at an all time low, I only had a small list of foods I could eat from, and by the end of my prep I was doing two hours of cardio plus lifting ever day. This is what I thought everyone did when they prepped....until I found flexible dieting and then coach Jared at Progressive Fitness. I started prepping with him for my second show and it was a game changer. No off-limit foods, no low calorie or low carb diet, no fat burning pills, no endless hours of cardio, no sodium manipulation. The training and macros were tailored specifically to me. What I appreciated the most was that Jared was so willing to answer any questions and comments I had throughout the process (and I had a lot!). He wanted to help me learn and help me succeed. It’s important to find a coach that wants to see his or her clients be successful, not just a coach who is in it for the money and is going to give you the bare minimum coaching every two weeks at check ins. I’ve now been working with Jared for almost two years and I highly recommend him.
— Jocelynn Wright
I have been fortunate enough work with Progressive Fitness for over a year now. In that year, Jared has done so much for me, and taught me so much. I have learned a lot about flexible dieting, which I now utilize year round. I used to just bulk and eat unquantified amounts of food, and now I am tracking macros even in the off season. Before, I was definitely one of those guys who restricted myself to only a few food groups while preping for a show. Never did I imagine I would be able to eat hamburgers and pizza and get shredded. Jared helped me bring in my best conditioning yet utilizing flexible dieting, and I will forever be grateful. We just started our work for the off season and I am confident they will help me gain size and bring me in next year just as, if not more shredded than last time! Jared has a very bright future in this industry, and I happy to be with him along the way.
— Thomas Ho
Throughout my time with Progressive Fitness, I received a coaching process well worth my money. I had of course tried every fad diet and magic pill you could buy and was severely frustrated at always being overweight. From day one, Jared was more than someone I emailed once a week. I was always taught why I was doing everything I was doing and treated like a friend more than a client. Although I’ve never competed in a show, I’m an exceptionally better me thanks to Jared.
— Seth
Working with Jared has been the best decision I’ve made when it comes to my training and nutrition! After being on an extremely regimented awful prep, I reached out to Jared. He introduced me to flexible dieting and helped me to understand there are more ways to reach my goals than just a “Bro-Diet”. I’m looking forward to continuing working with him during other preps and reaching the National Stage! Jared has given me the knowledge to sustain my progress and continue achieving my goals!
— Tonita
Working with Jared was a life changing experience. As an individual with a history of disordered eating, I truly believed that I would never have a healthy relationship with food, but Jared changed that. With his guidance, I was able to learn more about what makes up the food I’m consuming, and how to best nourish my body. Looking back on the eight years that I spent restricting my calories, I feel liberated knowing that food isn’t my enemy. My energy levels and ability to train consistently are also the best they’ve ever been, and I have Jared to thank for that. Instead of waking up each morning feeling anxious about my food intake, I feel motivated to conquer new goals that i never even knew were possible.
— Halle Thomas
For a few months in 2015, I followed Progressive Fitness on Instagram in awe of the progress photos and success that I saw of featured clients. I was back and forth about contacting Jared for information on becoming a client, and when I finally did, it was the best decision I’ve ever made in regards to my health and fitness. I’ve worked with other coaches and had minimal success, but as soon as I joined with Progressive Fitness, each week I saw changes. It’s been about 10 weeks now, and when I compare my starting photos to what I look like now, the progress is evident, all thanks to my coach! Jared is incredibly knowledgeable, approachable, and encouraging. He is always available if I need him for advice. He also tailors workouts and macronutrient needs to my body and lifestyle, so success is inevitable. The weekly check-ins are my favorite part of the program because I can hold myself accountable, and I look forward to my goals for the upcoming week. I will be sticking with Progressive Fitness and can’t wait to continue the journey. I urge anyone who was in my boat, questionable about beginning their own fitness journey, to contact Jared- I honestly couldn’t be happier!
— Rian
While working with Progressive Fitness, I’ve achieved results that are deeper than my outer appearance. I’ve been given a chance to renew my life with my family and myself, as well as a second chance to achieve my goals as an athlete. After years of improper coaching and self destruction, I found myself at my lowest point. It was then that my coach, Jared, picked me up and gave me the tools I needed to get to my highest point. I am no longer a victim of multiple eating and exercise disorders. Jared utilizes a science-based approach that produces sustainable results both physically and mentally.
— Jennifer L.